South Ocean Estates

South Ocean Boulevard runs from Lyford Cay at the north to the new Albany project in the south. Albany is a planned high-end community with a Tiger Woods golf course. To the west of South Ocean Estates (SOE) is the Clifton Heritage Park, a protected area comprising 200+ acres which provides beaches, historical ruins and open spaces for recreational use.

Lots in South Ocean Estates average over 12,000 square feet. The newer communities of the last few years comprise around 7,000 square feet. SOE lots offer 70% more land - more yard for your children, more space from your neigbours, more land for your house. As the west develops over the next decade, this extra land will add value to your property. Prices start at $13 a square foot, lower than other communities that offer less land. Taking advantage of early pricing while the community develops means greater appreciation over the next 1½ - 2 years. Discounted financing rates are also being offered to qualified buyers.

Western New Providence offers a different lifestyle compared to living in town or at the east end of the island. There is less traffic, congestion, crime and over all stress. SOE is also planned with covenants that will maintain a quality of development in the community. Homeowners will be responsible for enforcing these standards and in turn protecting their property values.

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